Open Call For Dictionary Entry Submissions!

Think you know Stanfordese, or StanfordSpeak, if you prefer? Prove it!

Hey faculty, staff, students, alumni and on-campus non-University employees (and campus visitors, too!) please submit any words or terms that you recall from your Stanford University experience for evaluation, in order to add entries to our Stanford vernacular lexicon. [Submit terms via our contact form located in the left-toggle navigation menu or email these directly to "lexatdrofnatsdotus."]

Heard a word used around Stanford University campus, but have no idea what it means? Use our contact form to inquire. We're in the process of building The Abridged eDictionary of Stanfordese, as a tool and a memento for Stanfordians. However, the comprehensiveness of said dictionary is dependent upon crowdsourcing, plumbing our collective Stanford consciousness to cover all aspects of Stanford's special language.

Help us out! You are our best resource.


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